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How Spectrum Reach Focuses on Education and Training to Help Employees Develop Their Skills

TV advertising is constantly evolving. To keep pace with the innovation, Spectrum Reach relies on employees like Local Sales Manager Adam, who helps clients navigate the industry’s changes and get the results they need.

“TV advertising is no longer just about ratings and networks — it’s also about data, audiences and screens,” Adam said. 

Leading Through Change

With the capability to sell commercials on linear, streaming and digital platforms, Spectrum Reach is at the forefront of using aggregated and de-identified data in a privacy-focused manner to help businesses create data-focused campaigns. Adam's team helps advertisers reach not just a broader audience, but the right audience for each of their unique businesses. The team relies on regular training modules and growth opportunities to best serve their clients’ needs. 

“Advanced advertising has become a focal point for Spectrum Reach’s business, which now encompasses streaming TV and digital advertising in addition to traditional linear TV advertising,” Adam said. “As a team leader, it’s incumbent upon me to help prepare my local teams for the future of our business. Staying on top of all that technology and data requires constant training and education.”

For example, Adam explained that reframing technical advertising concepts like “hourly bid optimization” into actions like “buying clicks when they are at the best value” is one way the team ensures the advertiser “understands what we’re doing by moving away from how we’re doing it.” This kind of repackaging into more easily understandable language helps his team improve their communication skills. 

“I work with the team every day on strengthening their skill of explanation,” Adam said. “Being a clear communicator builds credibility and ultimately helps account executives better serve their clients’ needs.” 

A Career Flourishes

Adam was the first advanced advertising sales manager at Spectrum Reach in the Tampa market when he was hired in 2018. At the time, advanced advertising — which typically refers to any advertising that is not traditional, over-the-air broadcast advertising — was a burgeoning media segment where advertisers leveraged data to create digital ad experiences. Since then, he has received extensive training in the subject from Spectrum Reach.

“I’ve been able to use product-specific training courses that are offered by our company to develop my understanding of the bigger picture,” he said. “Those trainings dive far deeper into product detail, allowing me to go beyond talking points to a richer understanding of how our products are designed to work together to deliver the best possible campaigns for our advertisers.”

By expanding his knowledge of the digital ecosystem — including data collection, audience segmentation and the strategic use of multiple advertising products — Adam has grown his skills as the industry has evolved, which has enabled him to better serve his clients — leading to his recent promotion to local sales manager for the Polk County market. 

“Spectrum Reach is one of the most supportive work environments available for those who lean in,” Adam said. “If you seek out the resources, engage and participate, Spectrum Reach provides substantial opportunities to strengthen and grow your own skill set and become a true partner to our clients and help them achieve a successful advertising campaign.” 

If you share Adam's passion for making businesses thrive, check out our job listings and apply for one of our available positions today:

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