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Tell stories that connect communities.

We are all storytellers, creating the content our audiences count on. Supported by our nationwide network and the latest technology, we're delivering an experience that is truly hyperlocal and bringing our content to life in new ways. Across 30 local news and regional sports networks, Spectrum Networks is shedding light on compelling narratives that impact our viewers' lives. It starts with empowering each and every one of our storytellers to bring their own unique perspectives. That's how we're giving our audiences a powerful connection to their states, cities and neighborhoods.

From 24-hour local news, to in-depth sport analysis, the teams at Spectrum Networks are breaking new ground in TV - and their careers. Go behind the scenes and see what's happening at our studios across the nation.

Spectrum presents: Inside Spectrum Networks

Spectrum Networks consists of more than 30 news, sports and local channels nationwide.

Michael Bair - Executive Vice President, Spectrum Networks: We're in major markets across the country and our goal is to be the number one news brand in every single one of those markets.

Karen Male - Executive Producer, Spectrum News: There's a lot of comradery and support for each other.

Ashleigh Correa - Master Control Operator, SportsNet: I feel like every time I talk about it, everyone's like, "You sound like you love your job."

Paul Orszag - Business Analyst, Spectrum Networks: At Spectrum Networks allows you the opportunity to succeed and also reach your potential.

Tamani Wooley - Anchor/Reporter, Spectrum News Albany: You could absolutely achieve everything that you want to achieve here at Spectrum Networks. I don't think that I am an exception. I definitely think I'm the rule. [on-air] "Live at noon, four fires in Troy are now deemed suspicious."

Spectrum News Albany is one of Spectrum Networks' 24-hour local news channels

Speaker 6: [on-air] This is Spectrum News at noon.

Tamani Wooley: [on-air] "Welcome to Weekend Buzz." I really love engaging with the community because they're the reason that we're here. We matter to people and it's nice to be able to build that relationship with them.

Karen Male: We are constantly looking to help serve our community. We're the only 24 hour local station.

Speaker 7: [on-air inaudible] "...another big loss."

Spectrum Networks' sports properties include SportsNet and SportsNet LA

Speaker 8: [on-air inaudible] "...being able to handle the ball and make shots."

Dan Finnerty - Sr Vice President & General Manager, Spectrum Sports: We get to work with some of the most iconic franchises in all of sports with the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dodgers and the Galaxy and the Sparks.

Ashleigh Correa: If you love sports, you love sports television. This place, Spectrum Networks, would be the best place.

Dan Finnerty: We're actually looking to grow you to be part of our team.

Michael Bair: We actually have quite a few people who've been with the company for more than 20 years, and what's really gratifying to see a number of them start as interns.

Tamani Wooley: I was at the very bottom level and now I'm an anchor reporter. And I host a show.

Paul Orszag: I started here as one of the first interns actually. I was very lucky to have people who really believed in me.

Michael Bair: Nobody's in the position that we have. And so we're ready to seize it, but what we really need are the talented people who recognize that and are willing to kind of go on that journey with us.

Exclusive local programming. Live Events. In-Depth Shows.

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Explore our teams and find the right one that can help you share stories you believe in and keep customers connected to the news that matters most. With newsrooms across the country - from New York to California - there's a place for you with us.

Break new ground in media. Help us deliver content in relevant and compelling ways across our digital platforms, ensuring that our audience stays connected to the stories that matter.

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Tell the stories our communities need. We value diversity of thought in everything we do. So, be ready to share your perspective and expertise in our hyperlocal approach to coverage.

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Bring compelling stories to our hyperlocal audience. Your dedication to meaningful and authentic coverage can make a real difference in helping our viewers connect to their communities.

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Support our storytelling from inside our state-of-the-art newsrooms. By maintaining the latest technology and resources, you keep us on-air and on-time as we bring stories to life.

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Discover the paths we've taken

With so many possibilities, there's no one way to shape a career with us. Take a look at how just a few of our people have done it.

  • News Director
  • Vice President
  • Group Vice President of News & Local Programming

"Spectrum Networks encourages us to tell compelling stories that are essential to our communities. Our inclusive workplace gives us the freedom to cultivate ideas and grow our careers."

Bernie Han, Group Vice President of News & Local Programming
  • Multi-Media Journalist Hudson Valley
  • Multi-Media Journalist Ohio
  • Manager Digital Content Partnerships

"The best thing about working at Spectrum News is the continuous opportunities for growth and energetic team members, not to mention being a part of a stellar news organization."

Orie Givens, Manager Digital Content Partnerships
  • Reporter Multi-Media Journalist Charleston/Charlotte
  • Digital Content Manager Charlotte
  • Managing Editor Charlotte

"The focus on community journalism and storytelling is what brought me to Spectrum News."

Mark Davenport, Managing Editor Charlotte

Story spotlight

We're focused on sharing stories that resonate with our audiences. Here are just a few of our recent reports.

Homeless in Hollywood

Reporter Itay Hod spent a full 24 hours in a Los Angeles tent city to shed light on the realities and struggles facing those living on the streets.

LA's Bravest

Brunell profiled Mango, a volunteer who helps Los Angeles firefighters by directing traffic, helping with maintenance and more.

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