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Your one brilliant idea can connect millions.

You can be one of the talented people helping us move forward while maintaining the connections our customers count on. Best of all, you'll be given the rare chance to own your work and see it through to launch. And on a fast-paced team with the resources of a nationwide network, there's virtually no limit to where you can take your ideas and your career.

There is a strong connection here

From Machine Learning to Software Development to Product, our tech teams are evolving how our customers interact with our services. See how they're supported in what they do.

The Muse presents: Growing your career at... Spectrum

Marjorie T. - Sr Director, Product & Technology, Digital Platforms: I think most people think of Spectrum as just a cable company, and cable companies aren't known for being necessarily on the cutting edge of technology. But our data science team is actually using pretty high-tech machine learning techniques to predict customer behaviors so that we can improve customer experience.

Najeed A. - Software Engineer, Net Ops: In my role as a director of software development, I'm responsible for multiple software engineering and delivery teams, especially on the video line of business. We are encouraged and we have multiple initiatives that are constantly going on to innovate so that we can provide new services to our customers.

Salina K. - Sr UI Designer, Product & Technology, Digital Platforms: I'm a senior product designer at Spectrum through the agency. My role specifically is in news, sports, and communications. We help deliver products that are either external-facing or internal-facing. My current app is a Spectrum News app, so that is a mobile application for iOS and Android, and the goal of that is to deliver news to our Spectrum customers.

Najeed A.: I started at Spectrum as a solutions architect. The team was great, and that's where I learned a lot about technology. And then I was offered a position of director of software development. I strongly believe in the opportunities that Spectrum gives me. I think growth comes organically as long as you do good work.

Marjorie T.: I started as a senior manager leading a small team, and as our data analytics firm grew, I did get a couple of nice promotions pretty quickly. I feel like Spectrum was very supportive of my growth. I've been to leadership training, which has been really helpful with going from leading a small team to now leading an almost 40-person organization.

Najeed A.: The reason Spectrum attracted me was because of the people and the technology. The technology is cutting-edge, and the people that I work with are very smart and I get to learn from them.

Marjorie T.: Our team is collaborative and welcoming. We all want to help each other succeed instead of competing with each other, and I think because of that, it makes people want to stay.

Najeed A.: We like to have fun. Sometimes we go play ping pong downstairs or go get a coffee or we just hang around and chat. I believe in work hard, play hard.

Salina K.: My team specifically is small and mighty. We're actually all female except for one, so that feels empowering in the sense that we are agile, we're collaborative, we're super fun.

Marjorie T.: On my team, we have a fairly good training program where we are able to hire candidates straight out of college and provide them with the tools that they need to succeed. And for someone who's maybe earlier in their career, it's a really great place to launch your career and learn very quickly.

Salina K.: I think the benefits of working at Spectrum specifically and at a larger scale is your work is definitely touched by many, so that should be exciting if you're a designer, especially in product. We have the opportunity to use our technology to impact the world.

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You're always looking ahead toward the next big thing. And our teams in Charlotte, Denver, St. Louis and Stamford are just like you. Share your ambition with us and you can discover the opportunity to take our customers - and your career - further.

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There's more than one way to shape a career on our Technology teams. For example, managing your own project just might open the door to a leadership role. Take a look at how just a few of our people have created their futures.

  • Commercial Sales Manager III
  • Director, Commercial Products
  • Sr. Director, Product Management

"My motivation to work here is centered on the people, products, and technology. I truly enjoy collaborating with people cross-functionally to deliver valuable products and technology."

Holly H., Sr. Director, Product Management
  • Sr. Manager - Voice Products
  • Director - Voice Products
  • Sr. Director - Internet Products

"Spectrum allows a diverse set of viewpoints from individuals with different background and skillsets. I have enjoyed the opportunity to grow my career and build the best products."

Hamish B., Sr. Director - Internet Products
  • Network Intern
  • Network Engineer III
  • Network Operations Manager

"I always wanted to work in telecommunications and with Spectrum being such a large internet service provider, this was my dream job starting out. Spectrum is a great place to grow a career."

Raghu P., Network Operations Manager

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At Spectrum, you're trusted to be an expert and the human touch behind our cutting-edge tech. Take a look behind the scenes at what we're doing. Then, find out how you can contribute.

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Our Emerging Technology team continues to help Spectrum realize its role as a leading communications technology company. Emerging Technology identifies, prototypes and - in some cases - invests in key technology capabilities that take full advantage of our enhanced network. Opportunities are endless for delivering early-stage innovations like virtual reality streaming, cloud gaming, the Internet of Things and more.


Launchpad is our innovation incubator that can help get your ideas off the ground. Each year, two winners are chosen to earn funding and bring their ideas to life. Previous pilot projects have explored areas like digital privacy, connected health care and augmented reality.


Our innovators keep our customers connected when they need it most. That's why ACE is designing universal experiences to make our products and services accessible to all. Plus, this team is delivering inclusive capabilities that improve experiences for our employees.

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Our tech teams are always finding ways to make our services even better. That's the spirit behind our Spectrum TV app, bringing our content to customers, no matter the device. See how big ideas and trusted teamwork helped make it happen.

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