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Big challenges mean big rewards.

We’re on the ground and on the move. Field Operations employees keep communities connected 24/7 by installing, maintaining and troubleshooting to optimize performance and reliability. Most roles include hands-on training to ensure you have the knowledge you need to succeed. And our development opportunities let you build your career at your own pace.

There is a strong connection here

Our Technicians are trusted to deliver the power of our network to 32 million customers – in big cities and small towns. See how our customers are counting on them for some of their most essential needs.

James C.: A lot of people are very thankful to have their services, of course, and so they go out of their way to make sure we're comfortable. They stay away, do the social distancing.

Jackson B.: I think people are starting to realize the great work that we are doing and they're starting to give us appreciation.

Kenneth R.: People being very thankful. I don't know how many times today I've heard a thank you from somebody.

Jeremy M.: We're grateful to have these positions that allow us to keep the income coming into the house and keep things moving.

James C.: With all the kids going on these virtual schools and everything, and they're just starting out, so it's more important now than ever to be connected to the web.

Jackson B.: So that they can stay connected and they can have all the information that is needed, we're doing a great work. Work there with a smile, providing a great service.

Ryan B.: I'm just filled with pride, knowing that I'm helping somebody who's not got anything right now, making sure they're connected with family and friends, being able to watch the news, check their bills and everything online. Giving them something to do in these tough times, because we don't know when it's going to end, just makes me feel glad that I can be able to help them do that.

Jackson B.: I am thankful that I'm able to help the customers who are less fortunate, and help them as much as I can, especially the elderly and the community who's most at risk. I feel honored to be able to go into their homes, provide them with great customer service and as well as keep them connected and informed so that they can be protected.

James C.: We've always been a staple in people's homes. They have to have internet, and they have to have a phone, and they have to have TV as well.

Jackson B.: We're providing a vital service in this day and age. We're keeping millions and millions of people informed and connected. We're providing them with a service that is bar none. We're giving great customer service and we're doing our duty as Spectrum technicians. We all should take pride in our work and we should take pride in the fact that we are cable technicians.

Kenneth R.: Yeah. I can't be more proud. That's why I've been here so long and I wouldn't change it for anything.

Field Operations roles

Hear directly from employees about each of the positions below.

Provide in-person support to customers in their homes and businesses. On top of your technical skill set, your ability to connect with people and represent the company will be your biggest strengths in providing a superior service.

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RSC Representatives provide dispatch support to Field Service in the areas of Quota Management, Routing, and Administration. You’ll engage in customer communications to assist other Field and Customer Operations teams to optimize the customer experience.

Search Regional Support Center (RSC) Representative Jobs

Our Warehouse Technicians are responsible for maintaining secure inventory storage, shipment and receiving of warehouse materials. You’ll help in the administration and purchasing of assets to ensure warehouse integrity.

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Our Maintenance Technicians work on HFC and fiber-only plant to optimize network performance and resolve impairments and outages. Use your existing knowledge of large scale networks to ensure the best service for our customers.

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ROC Specialists are problem solvers who identify impairments in our hybrid-coaxial network and communicate them to technicians in the field. Your work helps us proudly deliver a smooth experience for customers.

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Support Field Technicians by guiding them as they resolve customer activations and troubleshooting. With an expanding line of products, you can immerse yourself in the latest tech, and set yourself apart as an expert. Learn More.

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Work with contractors, developers and our warehouse team to bring our services to life for customers as they move into their home. Use your project management skills to deliver important work and grow your career.

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You’ll work with cutting-edge technology – including Computer Aided Design – to create innovative and cost-effective broadband systems.

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All Field Ops Roles

Discover the paths we've taken

With so many possibilities, there’s more than one way to shape a career with us. Take a look at how just a few of our people have done it.

  • Field Technician
  • Engineering Supervisor
  • Director, Field Operations

"Leadership’s energy, guidance and mentoring are priceless. I chose this role because I enjoy working in the field and being close to the customers, while inspiring my team to succeed."

Alex G., Director, Field Operations
  • Field Technician
  • Supervisor, Technical Operations
  • Director, Field Operations

"In an industry that is forever evolving, Spectrum is a great company to work for. Employees are recognized for their contributions, loyalty and hard work."

Wentz C., Director, Field Operations
  • Supervisor, Customer Operations
  • Director, Retail Operations
  • RVP, Field Operations

"The best thing about working here is the opportunity available for career growth. This company cares a great deal about doing the right thing for their employees and customers."

Shannon A., RVP, Field Operations

Career Progression

We’re proud to offer Field Operations employees 160+ hours of training, hands-on experience, and mentoring to advance their skills.

Career Progression Program

Our distinct self-progression paths for specific Field Operations roles allow our employees to learn more and develop their expertise through required training and coursework. Get the knowledge you need to advance your skills in your chosen career path – and all the opportunities that come with it.

Broadband Field Technician Certification

Our Field Technician Career Progression Plans along with our Department of Labor approved Registered Apprentice Program helps our technicians earn best-in-class recognition as Certified Broadband Technicians.

About the Program

In partnership with the DOL, we’re helping our technicians to advance through our standard career progression track and earn certification as a Certified Broadband Technician. Eligible Field Technicians with less than 18 months’ service with the company can qualify. In addition, eligible veterans can collect VA benefits on top of their regular paycheck.

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There's a strong connection here.