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From a Job to a Career: How We've Provided Potential During the Pandemic

COVID-19 upended the careers of millions of Americans. Here’s a look at a pair of new employees who, after losing their jobs in 2020, revived their careers at Charter.

According to the US Department of Labor, an unprecedented 23.1 million individuals faced unemployment in April 2020. Many businesses were forced to furlough employees, reduce their workforces or close altogether due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, Charter never slowed hiring, witnessing a net growth of over 1,100 employees in 2020. Many of those new employees came to Charter after experiencing career hardship due to COVID. Now, more than a year after the pandemic began, they’re flourishing.

Julie N., Residential Inbound Sales Supervisor – Simpsonville, SC

Before COVID-19, Julie worked as a retail manager for 16 years. At the height of the pandemic last year, she was furloughed for nine weeks. Once she returned to work, she found conditions had drastically changed.

“When I went back to work last June [of 2020], I experienced a significant pay cut,” said Julie. “But soon after, I received an email from Charter about a job opportunity. I went through the interview process and was immediately hooked.”

Julie started with Charter in July of 2020. “From the recruiters to the trainers, to my supervisor, the experience was just absolutely positive in a very trying time,” she said. “We took a leap of faith so I could start an entirely new career with Charter.”

Since joining the organization, Julie has not looked back. Originally hired as a sales agent, she quickly became one of the top agents on her team, and before long, she was promoted.

“My supervisor knew that this was a career for me and not just a job,” said Julie. “He recognized my potential, and in December, I was chosen to be a supervisor. Everyone at Charter has continuously lifted me up and helped me.”

Julie hopes that everyone can experience what Charter has to offer.

“Charter has given me confidence and peace of mind knowing that I am financially stable for the first time in my life,” she said. “For 16 years, my family was living paycheck to paycheck. We now have a savings account. We have been able to replace two vehicles. I want everyone to know that joining a company like Charter is life-changing.”

Patrick E., Spectrum Store Associate – Johnson City, TN

With a background that included mobile sales, Patrick worked with his previous company for 15 years. After testing positive for COVID-19 in April of 2020, he found himself unable to work due to the illness.

As a result, Patrick was out of work for many months. After spending several weeks searching for a job, he was contacted for an interview with Charter. 

“COVID-19 has had an everlasting effect on my life,” said Patrick. “But starting all over again, at a new job and career, was a blessing in many disguises. Today I’m in a better place financially, emotionally, physically, and, most important, spiritually than I was a year ago.”

Since joining Charter, Patrick decided to return to school to pursue a graduate degree and take advantage of Charter’s Education Assistance Program.

“I’ve been able to bounce back from COVID-19 and pick myself up, with a new job at an amazing company,” said Patrick. “Charter saw my potential and accepted me with open arms. I have flourished, and others can too.”

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