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Colleagues’ Example Leads One Employee to Our Tuition Program – and a New Role

Gabriella, formerly a Director of Retention at the Spectrum call center in Walker, Michigan, is earning her Master of Science in Management, Strategy and Leadership from Michigan State University. She recently was promoted to Vice President, Retention, to head up the Bilingual Retention Center in Pharr, Texas. Gabriella says Spectrum's Tuition Reimbursement program is a career-changer.

Q: What led you to take advantage of Spectrum's Tuition Reimbursement program?

A: I reached a point in my career where I wanted to further develop and explore continuing my education. I was in the process of searching for a law school to enroll in but came across the opportunity to apply for a director role. I was promoted in August 2021 and shifted my focus to learning my role. In 2022, a colleague was completing his master’s program and shared his experiences and how applicable the classes were to our roles. I decided a master’s degree would be a good addition to my education background. With Spectrum's significant tuition reimbursement, I knew my out-of-pocket costs would be minimal and that solidified my decision to continue my education.

Q: How has earning a degree helped your career?

A: I started my master's degree program after I moved here to Walker a year ago and took the job as a Director. I knew if I had plans on moving up in the company, it would be an obvious next step in my career. I felt it was important to have that degree and the experience that program provides.

Q: You recently were promoted to Vice President of Retention. How did that promotion come about?

A: I heard of the opportunity through a colleague. I worked hard in my career as well and pushed myself to learn. I was confident I had the experience and qualifications. So, I prepared myself and went for it. 

Q: How do you feel about all you've accomplished?

A: I'm super proud and really grateful for the opportunities the company has given me. One of the things that keeps me at Spectrum are the managers who have been invested in me and take a real interest in my growth and my development. They've given really good advice, pushed me, taught me new things, and they still make themselves available when I reach out. I am excited about the future, being trusted with launching a new center with the capacity to seat almost 400 representatives and as a new bilingual site, we get to make a greater impact and assist customers in their own language.

Q: Any advice for others seeking to go back to school while working full time?

A: Keep your goal in mind, knowing that it’s a small sacrifice for a small period of time. And remember how much you're going to benefit in the long run. 

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