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3 Tips to Grow your Career from an HR Manager at Spectrum Enterprise

Lori is an HR Manager for Spectrum Enterprise, a national provider of scalable, fiber technology solutions serving many of America’s largest businesses and communications service providers. Lori joined Spectrum in 2020 as an HR Assistant – three years later she supports nearly eight hundred employees. In her role, and her personal career journey, she knows a thing or two about career growth.

She credits building relationships and networking as the keys to her success.

Recently, Lori shared her top three networking tips, and why she feels Spectrum is a great place to build strong connections.

Be Proactive by Initiating Conversations

“Being approachable and inquisitive creates the foundation for strong professional relationships,” says Lori.

When Lori sees a peer she does not recognize, she takes time to introduce herself and ask about their role at Spectrum.

The same approach can be used when interacting with leaders that you may not interface with regularly.

“One day I bumped into our Group Vice President, Patrick, in the breakroom. I made it a point to introduce myself and initiate a conversation with him,” explains Lori. “I think it is important to remember that our leaders are still people, and that a simple ‘hello’ goes a long way.”

She also emphasizes the importance of networking when you’re involved in cross-functional work. “We all need to extend beyond the role and department we’re in to accomplish deliverables and the goals we work toward each year,” said Lori. “As you connect with more colleagues across the organization, take the initiative to nurture those relationships, even after your time working together comes to a close.”

Ways you can nurture those relationships are by connecting on LinkedIn, scheduling time to get coffee or lunch every few months, or reaching out for their professional opinion when you’re working on a project that is relevant to their experience.

Relationships grow when people feel connected. Creating consistent connection points with your colleagues throughout your career is an authentic way to build your network.

Join a Business Resource Group or Professional Organization

Lori’s second networking tip is to join a Business Resource Group (BRG) or professional organization. At Spectrum, we offer five BRGs for employees to join: Spectrum Disability, LGBTQ, Multicultural, Veterans and Women. Lori has taken advantage of the BRGs and as a result, created connections across the organization.

Being an active member of a BRG introduces you to new perspectives, connects you to colleagues that work in completely different roles and departments as you, and helps you develop professionally.

In particular, Lori’s participation in our Multicultural BRG contributed to her desire to pursue a role in diversity and inclusion. “My passion for diversity and inclusion is further ignited by the conversations I take part in as a member of Spectrum Multicultural,” said Lori. “I love when guest speakers join our meetings because it gives me the opportunity to not only meet, but also gain knowledge from people of different cultures and upbringings.”  

In addition to Spectrum’s five BRGs, Spectrum has active relationships with professional organizations like The WICT Network and the National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications (NAMIC) which are free for employees to join. The WICT Network, which Lori is a member of, is dedicated to empowering women leaders who light the way for others and create a lasting legacy of diversity, equity and inclusion and NAMIC educates, advocates and empowers for multi-ethnic diversity in the communications industry.

Strengthen Connections with Those Who Believe in You

Lori’s final tip is to lean into the relationships with those who support you.

“Think of the relationships you have with the people that truly support your growth, are excited to see you succeed, and who consistently show up as an advocate for you,” says Lori. “Those are the relationships that motivate you and help you feel empowered to take on new challenges.”

Shanti, Human Resources Director, is Lori’s manager, and a great example of someone who believed in Lori.

“Shanti is always there to encourage me, and she wants to see me progress. In fact, I moved into Shanti’s previous role of HR Manager after she was promoted to Director,” said Lori. “Her leadership and support acts as a guide as I navigate my career here at Spectrum.”

When Lori thinks about her career at Spectrum, she credits much of the growth she’s experienced to the support her leadership has offered.

“I can confidently say that Spectrum is the best workplace I have been part of.”

Your next career breakthrough could just be a connection away:

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