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Spectrum Employees Make a Difference

At Spectrum, our commitment to improving the communities we live and work in runs deep and is a value shared by many of our 93,000+ employees. We offer a variety of signature programs for employees to be involved in and help make a positive impact on the communities where they live and work. Two such initiatives are Spectrum Community Center Assist and Spectrum Employee Community Grants.

Recognizing Spectrum Faces in a Crowd

Spectrum Community Center Assist was introduced in September 2021. The $30 million dollar, five-year initiative is aimed at improving the physical condition of community centers and investing in job training support in underserved rural and urban communities.

“Seven years ago, we set out to make a difference in our communities through Spectrum Housing Assist, which provided critical home repairs for low-income homeowners,” said Rhonda Crichlow, Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer for Charter. “Spectrum Community Center Assist is a natural evolution of that successful effort. We’re extending our support for the communities we serve to local centers and organizations by providing important programs and career development training.”

The goal of 100 community centers improved, with 50,000 people being served by those community centers, will be supported by Spectrum employee volunteers; employees like Matt M.

Matt is a Field Operations Manager in upstate New York. When Matt joined Spectrum as an Install Technician 17 years ago, he was excited to build a career that would not only be focused on professional growth, but one that was part of an ever-evolving industry. What he didn’t expect was how being a Spectrum employee would result in him being a recognized member of his community.

“Everyone who knows me knows where I work,” said Matt. “I always wear a Spectrum t-shirt and I used to park a Spectrum truck at my house. I am a face of Spectrum in my community.”

This sentiment was further proven when Matt was volunteering at The Moreau Center in October 2021 during a Spectrum Community Center Assist opportunity. While Matt was painting outdoor steps alongside a couple of his colleagues, he was recognized by one of the children in attendance.”

“It was such a profound moment for me,” said Matt. “Here I am, volunteering in my community through a Spectrum event, and I’m being recognized by a neighbor’s grandchild as the guy with the Spectrum truck.”

For Matt, experiences like this further solidify the importance of volunteering and giving back to his community and makes him proud to work here.

“I will not let a volunteer opportunity, in my community, sponsored by my company, pass me by.”

Going Beyond Volunteering

Another way Spectrum invests in our employees and communities is through Spectrum Employee Community Grants. Through this program, Spectrum employees can nominate nonprofit organizations where they have volunteered for at least one year.

Alexis A. started her career at Spectrum as a Manager of Technical Compliance 19 years ago. She is currently the Senior Director of Regulatory where her team works with the business to ensure compliance with the FAA and FCC on technical requirements.

Outside of work, Alexis devotes her time to the Latina Safehouse organization in Denver, Colorado, whose mission is to provide support to Latina survivors of domestic violence and their families. Alexis served on the organization’s Board of Directors from 2017-18 and she continues to assist the organization with fundraising events. She was even honored with their “Esperanza” (Hope) award for the work she has done with the organization.

Many of the women that Latina Safehouse serves are not fluent in English or haven’t fully assimilated to American culture. Finding help in traumatic situations, like domestic violence, can be especially difficult for these women.

“These women have endured so much in their lives and 95% of them have children,” said Alexis. “To see them not only survive, but thrive, thanks to the services provided by Latina Safehouse, is such a great feeling.”

When Alexis learned about Spectrum’s Employee Community Grants, she nominated Latina Safehouse and the organization was chosen as a grantee. Funding went toward staffing, temporary housing for those in crisis situations, food, clothing, and transportation.

“It’s great to say I work for Spectrum and we do amazing things, like the Spectrum Employee Community Grants, for our communities,” said Alexis. “Spectrum is absolutely committed to the communities it serves.”

To learn more about Spectrum’s Community Impact programs, click here.

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