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This month we're excited to recognize James, a Senior Product Manager in Spectrum Enterprise, as Employee Spotlight. James had a lot to say about his role, about how proud he is of his team, and about the advancements they're making in data technology.

Describe your current role.
I am part of the organization that develops new products and services for Spectrum Enterprise in order to drive revenue and deliver a truly remarkable customer experience. In the organization, I typically fill the role of an end-to-end product architect by analyzing the business requirements for new products and identifying the functional and system impacts of our existing business capabilities. I also assist our development stakeholders in defining and refining the product features to deliver cost-effective business solutions.

How long have you held this position?
I accepted the Sr. Manager Position in July of 2018.

What motivated you to choose Spectrum Enterprise and/or this role?
Two things really drove my choice to work for Spectrum Enterprise. First, I have always sought mentors. I felt that I had a unique opportunity to learn from my VP, a dynamic, strategic thought leader in the product development domain. Secondly, I enjoy competitive challenges and I am convinced that Spectrum Enterprise is poised to challenge and surpass traditional telecommunications incumbents in the enterprise markets. I want my career journey to contribute to that success.

What do you think about your work environment?
Our industry is going through a massive transformation as software impacts almost all aspects of telecommunications now and into the future. The scale of the changes and the speed with which they are coming creates both a challenging and dynamic work environment. There is quite literally never a dull moment.

How would you describe your colleagues?
I have the privilege of working with industry experts. All of my team members have 20+ years of experience in various telecommunications positions. While we have all seen and experienced a great many sea-changes, the digital transformation that we find ourselves in is challenging us to be at our best and prepare for the opportunities ahead.

What is the best thing about working at Spectrum Enterprise?
In many ways, working here feels like working at a start-up. That is, while the individual companies that were brought together to form Spectrum Enterprise have long tenure, the combined entity has that feeling that I experienced when I consulted with startups—a clear, focused vision, a set of assets that is difficult to compete against, and a bevy of incumbents to displace and out-compete in the market—and I feed off of that every day.

How do you feel Spectrum Enterprise is making a difference?
This is the first company that I have worked at where customer experience is not just lip service. Everything we do in our organization and in the working relationships with our stakeholders and boundary partners is through the lens of the customer experience. That provides a fantastic litmus test for our most important questions: Why are we doing this? Who does this benefit?

What is your future at Spectrum Enterprise?
As I mentioned before, I enjoy learning from mentors and experts. My leadership is accessible and encourages engagement at all levels. Additionally, the challenges that we face in the market and the way my leadership has empowered our team to make meaningful contributions to the continued success of the company is incredibly satisfying. If I look beyond today, I see myself leading a team of agile developers delivering product features for customers at speeds our competitors can’t match.

Thank you, James! We love when enthusiastic team members like you share your experiences, goals and success connecting with clients and coworkers. Your dedication and focus on the customer experience are evident, and that's what makes you a wonderful Employee Spotlight! 

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