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We are excited to recognize Abby, a Spectrum Maintenance Technician in our Field Operations group based out of Northern Ohio, as our Employee Spotlight. Since starting with Spectrum in 2017, she has been expanding her knowledge and skill set, finding satisfaction in helping whole communities simultaneously, and looking forward to making even more of an impact as she grows her career. Here's what Abby said about her Spectrum experience.

When did you first come to Spectrum?
I started at Spectrum in 2017, was a Field Technician for a year before moving up to the Maintenance technician role.

Tell us a little about what you do.
The maintenance technicians' responsibilities are myriad and require a lot of physical and mental work to perform the required duties at a high level. I work on preventative and demand maintenance on the HFC (hybrid fiber-coaxial cable). On a daily basis, I am responsible for our equipment from the node to the subscriber taps, which combined are known as the outside plant. The outside plant begins at the node, where light is converted to a signal and transmitted through amplifiers to the subscribers, where it's connected by our inside field technicians. The cable system is roughly analogous to water flowing through pipes, with the node being the source and the subscriber equipment being the end point. The term "fiber rich" is used to describe our network, which is usually extremely reliable with a little help from us.

The internet is the backbone of our system and one of the largest responsibilities I have as a maintenance technician. I make sure the system works as well in reverse so that the customer receives the fastest speeds and the most reliable service. This entails tracking down everything from broken cable to amplifiers that have worn down and need to be replaced. We work at all times of day and in all weather to ensure the best possible experience for our subscribers. We also respond to tickets that are referred to us from the inside and repair technicians so we can effectively resolve service issues for individual subscribers.

What was it about the Field and Maintenance Technician role that appealed to you?
From the moment I came on board with Spectrum I knew I wanted to become a maintenance technician. I like knowing that I have the capacity to fix multiple customers at one time. The work environment is great, I get to be a part of a team setting as well as working independently. The maintenance position is challenging and makes me think outside of the box. Every day there is a new experience. Working on the outside plant allows me to take care of many customers at one time versus when I was a in house technician I was only focus on one customer at a time. Taking care of multiple customers to me is very satisfying.

What is your favorite part of working at Spectrum?
The best part about working for Spectrum is that the company wants to see you grow. They are really invested in providing the classes to help you progress and succeed. Plus, they are always implementing new products and services to surpass other providers, so there is always something new to learn if you want to. Then there are my colleagues, who are professional, always willing to lend a hand, and very hardworking.

How do you see your role progressing?
I see this as more than a job; it's a career. At Spectrum there are a lot of roads you can take. I will keep my options open as I continue to progress through the ranks and as I discover new routes to take.

Thank you for sharing that story with us, Abby! We are so proud of the work you do providing our customers with the essential support that keeps their services running smoothly and our company successful. 

To learn more about Field Technician roles, including our new nationally certified Broadband Apprentice program, click here!

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