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At Spectrum, we're always looking for new ways to help our customers. In a Day of Job (DOJ) role, you'll provide technical support for our installers and technicians across the country.

About Day of Job roles at Spectrum

Using your telecommunications expertise and communication skills, you can build new skills as you build your career within our quickly growing enterprise. That’s because each of these roles offers a variety of career path options as well as extensive training.

Day of Job specialist

Starting in the specialist role, you’ll work mostly with Field Operation Technicians who are servicing residential customers. This will involve supporting their work on residential video, voice and data service installation and repair, and also providing administrative assistance to the technicians. You’ll help them troubleshoot problems, use Tech Mobile to assess situations, provide follow-up on resolutions, and escalate when necessary. You’ll also assist the customer service team by handling inbound calls and messages from technicians.

Along with exceptional communication skills and a high school diploma, you must have 2 years of telecommunications experience with network element provisioning and a repair background in high-speed data, video or voice. You’ll also need 2 years of technical call center experience. Knowledge of local number portability troubleshooting procedures is a plus, as is knowledge of telephone switch and network element activation requirements and software.


My favorite part of the DOJ department would have to be the accessibility of resources. The department has grown tremendously in many ways. With resources such as the coin site and refresher courses, there are excellent ways to keep reps up to speed.

Alexus Day of Job Specialist

Day of Job ADVANCED specialist

After performing the role of DOJ Specialist, you could be ready to move to a DOJ Advanced Specialist role. Here you’ll still provide mobile support to technicians, but now you’ll work with both commercial and residential customers and their voice and data services. You’ll support technicians on larger accounts and more complicated systems, and the customer service and technical skills that you gained in your Specialist role will help you resolve most issues you come across.

I started as a contractor, and this company was very flexible and worked with me, so I decided to stay and work with them. I like the ability to grow and promote within the company. As a Level III, I’ve obtained management/supervisor skills that will further my ability to grow.

Chelsea Day of Job Specialist

Day of Job Senior Specialist

Your next step after Advanced Specialist is the DOJ Senior Specialist role. Here, while also working directly with technicians in the field on our most complicated residential and commercial customers, you’ll also provide technical assistance to DOJ Specialists and Advanced Specialists when needed. Your technical expertise is only matched by your troubleshooting skills and your ability to mentor and assist others.

This job gave me a foot in the door to working with technology, as well as networking. Both of these things are very important to me. From the start, I was able to learn the purposes of the provisioning systems we use as well as our troubleshooting tools. Having an understanding of the backend systems, as well as the equipment, allowed me to troubleshoot any issue I ran into. Even though our provisioning systems may have changed over time, the basics of troubleshooting have never changed.

Joseph Day of Job Specialist


While overseeing your direct reports and the DOJ Call Center, you’ll work to ensure that all of our residential and commercial customers receive successful installations and support. Building on your experience as a Supervisor you’ll provide guidance for all aspects of our operations as well as technology initiatives. You’ll also coach and help develop your team, set department and individual goals, conduct performance evaluations, and interface with other departments across the company.

I came to Day of Job from being a field technician, as many of us have. Every day, I work with diverse people from all kinds of backgrounds, which provides ample opportunity to see multiple different views and communication styles – an important part of Leadership development. This is an ever-changing place to really develop my skills and be rewarded for doing so. Knowing that the company is there to back your growth and will help you get where you want to go with your career means that Charter doesn’t just provide people with jobs – it provides a place to make a career.

Kevin Supervisor, Day of Job

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