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This month, we are excited to feature Nick, a Curriculum Development Manager in our Residential Direct Sales team. We asked Nick to tell us a little more about his Spectrum experience. Here's what he had to say:

Hi Nick. Please describe what you do. How long have you held this position?
I am a Manager of Curriculum Development for Residential Direct Sales. I’ve had this position for 4 months now. My team and I create training that supports Residential Direct Sales and Multi-Tenant Sales Representatives. Through our training modules we teach new hires the techniques and best practices to help them along their sales journeys. We make sure Outside Sales Representatives have all the training and information they need to be successful. Previously I was a Senior Instructional Designer for Spectrum Stores sales channel. I've been with Spectrum since June of 2016.

What appealed to you about this role?
My background is in multimedia animation, and I chose to enter the instructional design field because I get to leverage all aspects of my background to create engaging training. I get to create fun, interactive modules to support Spectrum sales. My new role as a manager gives me the opportunity to share techniques and best practices with a team of already experienced instructional designers.

What’s your office environment like? Your team?
My work environment is awesome. I collaborate with other instructional designers, and we are constantly talking, sharing ideas, discussing new things that we’ve learned, sharing work files, comparing templates and so on. My colleagues are all very skilled. Everyone has basically the same skill level, but everyone also has something they specialize in. For example, while we know how to create all training modalities, one designer may be a little more knowledgeable with video, while another may be with writing virtual training sessions. We all collaborate together to help each other’s work. Working with the instructional designers and leadership on the Stores team the past few years has taught me a lot; they are amazing. Now that I’m on the Residential Direct Sales team I see that these instructional designers are equally amazing and knowledgeable.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Spectrum?
At Spectrum we are always updating our products, service packages, service and selling methodologies so the training we as instructional designers create must change as well. So I think the best thing about working with Spectrum is that nothing stagnates. We need to continuously improve our skills and methods.

How do you feel Spectrum is making a difference?
Spectrum is always improving its service abilities to customers by listening to what they want and need, and providing the customers with options. Spectrum is always extending its service footprint, and now offers Mobile products and service.

How do you see your future at Spectrum?
I see a bright future here. Spectrum is a great place to work for what I do. The ever-changing products and procedures alone mean we’ll never run out of projects to work on. Plus, the Residential Direct Sales leadership is very open to us trying new and innovative ways of delivering training. It definitely keeps my job fun and exciting. Not to mention Spectrum has competitive pay and benefits. I have a lot of ideas for our team that I can’t wait to implement. My leadership is very open to trying new techniques, new technologies and new methods; it really makes what I do here fun.

Thank you for the great insight, Nick!

If you would like to learn more about the team Nick supports, Outside Sales, click here

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